In a nutshell

Gabula Art Foto is run as a family business. Our field of activity comprises a wide spectrum, from flower arrangement through scenery design to publishing.. Our main profile, however, is the applied photography.
Meeting the demand of our era we use the most up-to-date professional techniques, our studio was among the first to apply the Kodak digital technology in photographing in 2002. We, of course, dispose of the adequate computer background - hardware and software and also professional human resources.

Most of our photographs are edited as illustration for recipe books. Being one of the best-equipped gastronomical studios in Hungary we own a collection of serving plates of almost one thousand pieces. Our accessories could as well serve as a small museum: we have intended to collect the characteristic utensil we badly need in our work of the farmers and the well-to-do bourgeoisie. In our compositions we can use the beautiful flowers, fruits, spices, tendrils and berries grown in our own fertile garden, we purchase, however, the vegetables in our favourite market place.

You can meet our flower photographs and flower still-lives on postcards and in calendars. Our flower compositions are arranged by Monika Halmos, one of the most popular flower stylists in Hungary by favour of whom the audience could become aware of edible flowers.

With our philosophy we aim to reveal the beauty and respect of nature, to create imperishable values which can please the eye day in day out. We would like to preserve for the future the reminiscence of the past the values of which will never fade and we think of with affectionate nostalgia. Our intention is to compose photographs the contents and spectacle of which are artistic, the finish is masterful and the technical solution is professional.

Our customers may select from our archives at a favourable price and we even offer made-to-order photographs on demand. Please find herebelow a few of our favourite photos:

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