Introduction of Gabula-Art Bt's Picture Shop
Dear future partner,
Entering the picture shop you will see the following menu.
From the picture shop we help you by many means (search engines), so that you can find the pictures you need. If you click on Main Groups, a main group break down will appear on the left of the display, which helps you narrow down the cirlce of the pictures you are looking for. If e.g. you click on the group element Still Life, you can look up the sub-groups of the group Still Life.
After lining up the sub-groups of the group Still Life, you can find out how many pictures belong to the given group, you can view them in groups of ten, by clicking on the picture you can add them to your cart.
You can narrow your search further down to any sub-group, in which there is a possibility for narrowing down.
While searching for our gastronomical photos, you can find it useful to start the search by using the search engine. You can determine here what spice the picture should contain.
After the spice choice, starting from a filtered group containing the given spice, you can narrow the search further down by picking main- and sub-goups.
Starting from the search engine Ingredients, based on the following example you can see how a picture with a cranberry cake can be found.
The search engine Themes can help you with searching for further aspects.
With the help of the search engines offered by us you can find the picture you need for your publication within seconds.
In your cart you can gather the pictures you intend to buy later. Adding the picture to you cart does not signify an order. Clicking on Cart you can view the pictures you have gathered to you cart till then. You can delete any picture from your cart by clicking on the dustbin icon.
By clicking on Order you can assemble or send new orders.
You can assemble several new orders. Gabula-Art Bt will execute the closed and sent orders. You can delete the orders not yet closed, or you can modify them by clicking on Edit.
You can transfer pictures from your cart to the order and vica versa.
You can view the pictures in the orders you have paid for by clicking on Picture Download and you can download them one by one to your computer.
We hope that our system is to your liking and you will use it soon.